Центр экспертизы и испытаний скважинного оборудования
Consulting, technical audit, and training on the sand control systems

Innovative equipment testing benches

Certification and qualification testing based on international standards

Design and analysis of sand control systems

Independent quality expertise of the sand control system

Who We Are

Center for expertise and testing of downhole equipment

The SCL laboratory is an independent center for expertise and testing of lower completion equipment. Our commitment to providing exemplary services in complex equipment testing for liner completion is unparalleled.

To conduct these tests, our multiphase flow laboratory utilizes the highest quality standards prescribed by API and ISO, in addition to technical requirements for well equipment endorsed by industry leaders. Moreover, the SCL actively engages in cutting-edge scientific research to advance testing equipment methodologies and assess the efficacy of its utilization. Our focus on continuous improvement underscores our dedication to delivering exceptional results that exceed client expectations.

Core Competencies

Испытания и сертификация оборудования
Testing and Certification

Qualification Tests

Экспертиза борьбы с пескопроявлением
Expertise and Calculation

Computational Modeling and Numerical Calculations

Сервис и консалтинг скважинное оборудование
Service and Consulting

Provision of Services

Quality Control of the Lower Completion Equipment

Ensuring the reliability and sand control durability of oil and gas wells is a crucial objective, and downwhole equipment test, qualification tests and lower completion equipment certification play a vital role in achieving this aim. Independent expertise in selecting and calculating the use of lower completion equipment is instrumental in enhancing the efficiency of the hydrocarbon production process.

What are our Advantages?
Центр экспертизы и испытаний скважинного оборудования
Downhole equipment
independent expertise
Уникальные испытательные стенды
testing benches
Аттестованный опытный персонал лаборатории
Testing methods based on ISO and API international quality standards
Широкий круг привлеченных экспертов к работе лаборатории
Wide range
of laboratory experts
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