Computer simulation and analysis

In addition to qualification testing, SCL provides expertise in computer numerical modeling and analysis of downhole completion systems. The construction of numerical models allows to analyze the use of downhole equipment under conditions of fluid flow into the well. This service can be characterized as an analytical study of physical and chemical processes of fluid behavior in the near-wellbore space. Such studies provide additional knowledge regarding the potential use of downhole equipment and thereby complement qualification test studies. In some cases, analytical studies are necessary to properly set up the physical testing of equipment.  For example, to test the erosion resistance of a wire screen and its durability, it is necessary to build a model of erosion of the screen surface, calculate it and then set the parameters of the erosion test. Thus, computer modeling is an important adjunct to equipment qualification testing. 

Our laboratory offers numerical computer simulation services in the following areas:

  • Numerical calculation of fluid inflow profile along the well
    Fluid inflow model is built according to formation permeability data near the well. The model allows predicting the inflow profile, identifying areas of unproductive sections of the well, and determining the characteristics of fittings when using the ICD. The simulation result can be represented in the form of fluid flow profile diagrams along the well. 
  • CFD simulation of fluid flow in downhole equipment units
    This service includes computer simulation of fluid flow through downhole equipment. This modeling allows us to analyze equipment performance in different reservoir conditions and fluid flow regimes.    
  • Numerical model of equipment erosion
     To assess the impact of erosion over the long term, it is necessary to simulate this process. The model is verified on the basis of physical tests of erosion impact. The computational model can be effectively used to select the wire profile of the slot screen.   
  • Calculation of liner reaching the bottomhole during its trip in the hole
    This calculation estimates the probability of liner penetration to the bottomhole point based on the well trajectory data.  

Typical calculation of the weight of a completion layout to a certain depth

  • Risk analysis of unproductive fluid breakthrough into the well (water and gas)
    The well flow zone model can be used to analyze potential water and gas breakthrough threats to a well. For this purpose, the model must be provided with information about the boundaries of the gas cap and the surface of the water-oil contact. This model can be used to reduce the risk of unproductive fluid breakthrough. 

  • Calculation of the mechanical strength of the screen structure under axial, bending and torsional forces.
    The finite element method is used to calculate the strength of the screen structure with an assessment of the effect of critical loads on the integrity of the screen configuration and its slot clearances. The most vulnerable elements of the structure in terms of different force loads are identified. 

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