Центр экспертизы и испытаний скважинного оборудования

About Laboratory

General Information

At Sand Control Lab, we pride ourselves on being a leading center for competency and downhole equipment testing. Our activities are rooted in extensive experience in quality control production of downhole equipment and testing competencies, and we maintain strict adherence to industry quality standards.

One of our primary tasks is to conduct complex testing of equipment to ensure compliance with international standards such as ISO and API, and to issue equipment certification upon successful completion of testing.

For participants in the oil and gas equipment market, obtaining a certificate of equipment quality is of utmost importance, as it represents independent verification and confirmation of the equipment’s declared characteristics.

The development of detailed testing methods in accordance with quality standards and industry equipment requirements is a vital area of activity at our laboratory.

Our center comprises a diverse team of experts, bringing together the best of both youth and experience. As a testing ground, our laboratory is equipped with unique bench complexes that enable us to conduct rigorous testing of mechanical and hydraulic strength, quality control of equipment design, and evaluation of the functional characteristics of products.

In addition to conducting tests, our laboratory conducts expert studies on the effective selection and use of equipment in wells, fluid flow modeling, and risk analysis associated with equipment usage.

Mission and Values

At the SCL testing laboratory, our primary mission is to establish an independent center of expertise and downhole equipment qualification. We pride ourselves on our independence, and every procedure we undertake is conducted in accordance with the independent testing standards of our laboratory. Our equipment qualification process involves complex testing to assess the quality and applicability of each piece of equipment.

Expertise in testing procedures, ensuring the unity of the measurement system, and modeling the physical and chemical processes in the well is a cornerstone of our laboratory’s operations. Our professionalism and integrity in our dealings with contractors provide a solid foundation for our work.

When working with customers, we adhere to the principles of competence, independence, and confidentiality. These values ensure that our customers receive the best service possible, while maintaining the highest standards of professionalism and ethical conduct.

Basic operating principles of the laboratory:

Basic operating principles of the laboratory:

Spheres of Activity

The laboratory conducts equipment testing and research in the following main areas:

Тестирование на эрозионную и коррозионную стойкость
Erosion resistance testing in the hydraulic circuit

The laboratory is actively engaged in the development of cutting-edge bench complexes for testing downhole equipment, as well as testing methods and implementation technologies.

Laboratory Supply

Occupying a spacious production facility of 1,000 m2 (10,764 ft2) in the industrial zone of well filter production, the laboratory is strategically located for the efficient delivery of testing equipment. It houses a team of highly professional specialists in the field of lower completions and measurement uniformity.

The laboratory conducts tests on state-of-the-art downhole equipment testing benches, including load testing. To ensure the highest quality of testing, special methods have been developed in collaboration with leading scientific and technical centers, in compliance with international quality standards. The laboratory is duly accredited by independent certification centers.

Laboratory Testing Benches

At SCL, we use custom-designed testing benches specifically tailored for downhole equipment testing procedures in strict accordance with established quality standards and proven methods.

The main test benches include:

In addition to our ongoing testing and certification services, the laboratory is also dedicated to research and development (R&D) initiatives in several promising areas, with the ultimate goal of expanding our company’s expertise and capabilities. This includes the development of new bench complexes to further enhance our testing procedures and services.

Quality Management System

The SCL has implemented a management quality system certified under the ISO 9001 standard. The QMS model entails ensuring the quality of services provided by the company through various processes, including but not limited to

The process mode is supervised by the management to minimize risks when fulfilling contractual obligations.

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