About laboratory

General information

As a competency and downhole equipment testing center, Sand Control Lab bases its activity on the experience of the quality control production of the downhole equipment and testing competencies by following the industry quality standards.

Equipment certification followed by the international standards ISO, API based on the complex testing of the equipment is one of the main tasks of the Laboratory.

The important information for participants of the oil and gas equipment market is a certificate of equipment quality which means the independent verification and confirmation of the declared characteristics of the equipment.

One of the important areas of laboratory activity is the development of detailed testing methods followed by quality standards and industry equipment requirements.

The Laboratory is a combination of youth and experience and the wide range of experts of the center. As a testing ground, the laboratory activity is based on the use of unique bench complexes for testing mechanical and hydraulic strength, quality control of equipment design, and testing the functional characteristics of products. In addition to tests, the laboratory conducts expert studies on the effective selection and use of equipment in wells, fluid flow modeling, and risk analysis when using the equipment.

Mission and values

The primary mission of the SCL testing laboratory is to develop an independent center of expertise and downhole equipment qualification. The independence of the center means carrying out every procedure of expert opinions with independent testing standards of the laboratories. The qualification of the equipment is the result of complex testing assessing its quality or applicability.

The expertise is a set of competencies in testing procedures, ensuring the unity of the measurement system, and modeling the physical and chemical processes in the well. The professionalism and integrity relations with our contractors are the valuable ground of the laboratory work.

Dealing with our customers we base our work on the principles of competence, independence, and confidentiality.

Basic operating principles of the laboratory:

Spheres of activity

The laboratory conducts equipment testing and research in the following main areas:

Механические испытания на прочность

Mechanical strength filter testing

Гидравлический испытания на смятие и разрыв

Burst & Collapse testing

Оптико-лазерный контроль щелевых зазоров фильтров

Non-destructive quality control of Sand Screens

Функциональное тестирование

Sand Retention Tests

Тестирование на эрозионную и коррозионную стойкость

Erosion resistance testing in the hydraulic circuit

Эрозионное и коррозионное воздействие

Chemical technology expertise

Проектирования компоновки хвостовиков нижнего заканчивания для повышения продуктивности скважин

Development of new testing methods

Моделирование профилей притока флюида вдоль скважины с помощью проведения численных расчетов течения флюида

Computer simulation and analysis

Сервис и консалтинг скважинное оборудование

Consulting, audit, training

The laboratory is active in the development of new bench complexes for testing downhole equipment, testing methods, and implementation technologies.

Laboratory supply

The SCL is located in the production facilities of 1000 m2 in the industrial zone of well filter production. The laboratory building location is very convenient for the delivery of testing equipment. The laboratory includes highly professional specialists in the field of lower completions and measurement uniformity.

Tests are conducted on modern downhole equipment testing benches, including load testing. Special methods developed in cooperation with leading scientific and technical centers in accordance with international quality standards are used for testing. The laboratory is accredited by independent certification centers.

Laboratory testing benches

The SCL uses specially designed testing benches designed for downhole equipment testing procedures in accordance with quality standards and proven methods.

The main test benches include:

The laboratory pursues research and development programs (R&D) in several new promising areas for creating other bench complexes under the expansion company expertise field.

Quality management system

The management quality system certified under standard ISO 9001 has been implemented.

The QMS model requires the processes of ensuring the quality of fulfilled services in the company, there are:

Controlled by the management, process mode allows minimizing risks when the company performs contractual obligations.

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